Where trust & service count

Vincenté Jewelers was establish in 2001 on the fundamental desire to create a customer experience "where trust and service count". Our founder Bob Varghese utilized his wholesale partnerships and personability to unite worlds and fulfill customer's specific jewelry desires. Over the years the customers have become family and their events opportunities to shower loved ones with precious gifts. Vincenté is more than just your jeweler but a friend invested in your satisfaction.

Vincente Jewelers

The perfect piece at an affordable and honest cost

To celebrate in a unique way, mass produced and generic jewelry just does not cut it. Here at Vincenté Jewelers we do everything to find, create and provide the most unique and precious mementos. For all your engagement, wedding and gifting needs, we will work tirelessly to provide you your perfect piece at an affordable and honest cost. That's what it means to be a place where trust and service count!

Diamond Craft

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